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Silver Chinchilla Persian Kittens

Silver Chinchilla Persian cats have silky coats that appear to sparkle due to a dominant gene inhibiting the production of color at the base of the hair shaft leaving a faint silver color at the tip. They will have black eye liner and green eyes.
Chinchilla Silvers are usually born dark and will lighten as they mature. At full maturity, silver chinchilla can have beautiful silver tipping or appear to be mostly white.

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Persian Cat Purrsonality

Persian cats are usually very quiet and well mannered cats.  They generally stay on floors, but may jump on a couch or bed with you. You usually won't find them jumping on counter tops or climbing your curtains. They make great companions for apartments or small homes.  They are very trusting and sweet natured. They must be protected from rough handling.  They are very cute and will cozy up to you.  Most Persians are very affectionate and will climb in your lap to visit.

Persian Cat Grooming

All Persians have full and beautiful coats.  They can be high maintenance and do require regular grooming.  Persians should be bathed once a month and combed often, usually daily,  to prevent matting.  
Persian cats can go outside in a protected environment, but it is best they be kept indoors only. This will prevent contagious diseases, physical dangers, and possible loss of your valuable cat. Their long coat also tends to collect grass and dirt which will cling onto their fur.

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