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Munchkin Scottish Fold Kilts, and Minuet Kittens

Munchkin kittens are short legged Persian and Munchkin hybrid cats called Minuets or Napoleons.  We will occasionally have rare odd-eyed kittens which will have one blue eye and one green eye. 

Scottish Kilt kittens are a cross of a Munchkin cat and a Scottish Fold cat.  Scottish Kilts will have either folded ears and straight ears. 

Minuets are a smaller short legged version of Persians. Our Minuets will have long coats, but will be less high maintenance than purebred Persians. They also will be more doll faced and will not have the eye drainage common with extreme flat faced Persians.  


Munchkins have short legs and usually prefer to stay on the floor. Due to their short legs, they are able to maneuver around the house quickly and love to run. Munchkins can't jump on counter tops because their legs are too short. But, they are still cats and love to jump and climb, just not as high.



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